Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale

Museum dedicated to Nouméa’s role in the Second World War

The Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale (Museum of the Second World War) in Nouméa is a unique and thought-provoking museum for those interested in the history of the Second World War.

What to see at the Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale

The museum’s exhibits are divided into several different sections, each of which covers a different aspect of the war. The first section is devoted to the history of New Caledonia during the war, including the island’s role as a strategic base for the Allies in the Pacific Theater. Visitors can learn about the battles that took place around the island, as well as the lives of the soldiers and civilians who lived through them.

Another section of the museum focuses on the stories of the prisoners of war and forced labourers who were brought to New Caledonia by the Japanese. Visitors can learn about the harsh conditions they faced, as well as their struggles to survive and maintain their humanity under difficult circumstances.

The museum also has a section devoted to the Pacific War, which covers the broader context of the conflict in the Pacific Theatre. This section includes exhibits on the major battles and campaigns, as well as the role of the various countries and peoples involved in the war.

In addition to its exhibits, the Second World War Museum in Nouméa also offers a range of educational and cultural programmes, including lectures, workshops, and film screenings. These programmes are designed to deepen visitors’ understanding of the war and its impact on the people of the region.

The museum is also home to an extensive research library, which is open to the public and contains a wide range of books, documents, and photographs related to the war in the Pacific.

Visiting the Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale

The museum is located at the northern edge of the city centre, just three blocks north of place des Cocotiers.

The museum is closed on Sundays and the admission fee is 300F, 100F for students and seniors (60 years and older) and free for visitors aged under 18 and for war veterans and disabled visitors.

Allow around an hour for your visit.

14, avenue Paul-Doumer, Nouméa 98800
Bus L6 (stop: République), L7, M4, P4 (stop: Desmazures)
Phone +687 27 48 70
Open Mon–Sat 9am–noon & 1pm–5pm
Admission 300F, children (17 and younger) free, seniors (60 and over) 100F, students 100F, war veterans free, disabled visitors free

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