Tjibaou Cultural Centre

Iconic Renzo Piano-designed pavilion with exhibits about Kanak culture

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre (Centre Culturel Tjibaou) is a world-renowned cultural centre located located on a beautiful and serene bay on the outskirts of Nouméa. The centre is named after Jean-Marie Tjibaou, a leader of the Kanak independence movement in New Caledonia.

The centre is a unique and striking architectural masterpiece that serves as a symbol of New Caledonia’s rich cultural heritage. Designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, the centre is a tribute to the Kanak people, the indigenous inhabitants of New Caledonia, and their traditions and history.

It is New Caledonia’s most iconic work of architecture and Nouméa’s top tourist attraction.

What to see at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre

The complex is comprised of a series of buildings, known as cases, designed as a modern taken on traditional Kanak architecture. These cases contain exhibition pavilions that include permanent exhibitions about Kanak culture, community and the natural environment. There are also temporary exhibition spaces, conference spaces and educational facilities.

One of the most striking features of the Tjibaou Cultural Centre is its use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, which blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. The buildings are designed to be in harmony with nature and to reflect the traditional Kanak architectural style, with its emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and connection to the land.

In addition to the iconic Renzo Piano-designed pavilion, the complex also includes traditional Kanak buildings and botanic gardens that include walking trails through native New Caledonian flora.

The exhibits have descriptions mainly in French and not all the displays, particularly inside the main pavilion, have English translations.

The cultural centre also has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. It is built with renewable energy sources such as solar power, and the buildings are designed to minimise their impact on the environment.

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre is not only a stunning architectural achievement but also a cultural hub. It hosts a wide range of exhibitions, events, and educational programmes that highlight the history, traditions, and culture of the Kanak people. The centre also provides a space for the Kanak community to come together and share their culture with others.

Visiting the Tjibaou Cultural Centre

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre is located on the Tina Peninsula around 8km (5 miles) northeast of the city centre. It is around a 15-minute drive from the city centre or a 20-minute drive from either Anse Vata or Baie des Citrons. Alternatively, you can get here by bus route N2, which runs every hour from Place Moselle with a journey time of around 25 minutes.

The centre is closed on Mondays and admission costs 1000F (500F for visitors aged under 18 and over 65).

Allow 2–3 hours for your visit plus additional time for the return bus journey.

Rue des accords de Matignon, Tina, Nouméa 98800
Bus N2 (stop: Tjibaou)
Phone +687 41 45 45
Open Tue–Sat 9am–5pm, Sun 9am–4pm
Admission 1,000F, children (17 and younger) 500F, seniors (65 and over) 500F, students 500F

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Free parking

Free Wi-Fi


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